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Figure out your monthly payment for fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans.

Rent vs. Own

Calculate the difference between renting a property and buying a home

Debt Consolidation

Figure out if you can consolidate your debt by lowering the monthly payment, or pay off debts sooner.

Prepayment Savings

Determine how soon you can pay off your mortgage by making a prepayment, or how much prepayment you should make by shortening the time to pay off your mortgage.

How much can you afford

I can help you to find out how much you can borrow and how much can you afford based on standard lender guidelines

Refinance Break-Even Point

I can help you determine the length of time until "breakeven" on a refinance loan, factoring in the new interest rate and closing costs.

Tax Savings

Based on the loan amount, interest rate, federal tax rate, and other entries, I can determine the estimated tax savings of a period of several years if the transaction is completed.


Instant Tools:

Comparative Market Analysis

Mortgage Calculator


1031 Exchange 

Internal Revenue Service

Franchise Tax Board